Get Your Cover letter Noticed

Employers and hiring managers are coming up with new ways to screen the resumes. There are screening software available that are used to scan the resumes to find out if there are relevant keywords present. Just like your resume, cover letter also needs adequate attention. Even though this document will not salvage a poorly written resume but it has to crafted with the same care in order to satisfy the software algorithms

Cover letters are concise documents used to communicate your value to the prospective employer. Many HR managers believe it is important to search the cover letter as, for some reason, many candidates describe technologies in their cover letters and not the resume. Since the cover letter is going to be screened, it is recommended that job seekers should add additional searchable keywords for the specific job.

In many cases, resumes are sent as attachment in the email. In this case, it is automatically assumed that the email content will be the cover letter; therefore, you need to write it accordingly. To grab the attention of the reader, the first thing to do is to include relevant keywords. This is important for screening machines as well as human readers. Secondly, it is a good idea to make reference of a contact person, preferably someone the hiring manager knows. Or, you can add specific information in your cover letter that relates to the particular company of industry. Customization is very important when writing a cover letter. A tailored resume and cover letter is more likely to get noticed than a canned content.

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Polish Up Your Leadership and Managerial Skills

Good management requires good leadership skills. Most recruiting managers, when hiring for senior level roles, assess the managerial and leadership skills of job candidates in a number of ways. Leadership is not a quality that is possessed by everyone. Some are just born leaders while others can learn effective ways to become one. It is a misconception that everyone cannot be a leader. By applying the right techniques you can improve your leadership skills and become a better manager.

Make an investment in improving skills and knowledge

You cannot lead well unless you are well-informed about the company’s operations, specific requirements for your role and the current trends of your industry. Besides this, you also need to polish up certain skills and also make an effort to learn some new ones that might help you with your career. Learning new things relevant to your job should be a part of an on-going career development plan in order to have a competitive edge over others.

Be accessible

You cannot lead by sitting in a closed office all the time and working with numbers. Leadership is about being with the people. It should be easy for the workers to access and approach their manager. A good leader is one who is always there when the subordinates need him/her for guidance, problem solving, and demonstration of work.

Maintain positive attitude

Managers and leaders need to be confident and optimistic. The workers are more likely going to be shaky if the manager is shaky about taking decisions. It is very important for the manager to maintain a positive attitude, especially in tough situations.

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Prepare Your Teens for Summer Jobs

If you are a parent of a high school student then you must be getting worried as the summer is fast approaching. A lot of teens tend to spend most of their summer time hanging out with friends but would you like something different for your child? May be a summer job? It sounds like a superb idea but most likely your teen is not going to be too fascinated with it. Keep reading for some useful tips you can use to encourage your teenager to get a summer job.

Find a job that is more like a hobby

Most teenagers have seen their parents coming home from work all tired and moody. So the idea of a job for them does not sound very exciting and not something they want to get into at this age. Introduce them to some of the fun summer jobs, like working at the mall where they get to meet a lot of people and possibly get discounts. Another can be that of a lifeguard where there is responsibility but also an opportunity to be in the sun all day long.

Highlight the money incentive

An extra pocket money is what every teenager dreams of. All the money that can be earned during the job can be used for more fun activities with friends. While you are highlighting this aspect you can also talk about possible savings. A few extra bucks saved while working full-time throughout summer could possibly lead to owning their own car!

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Protect Yourself from a Lay-off

Finding a job and then keeping it is not as easy it was before the world was hit by a recession. And this trend is going to continue for some time before the workers are highly confident that they will not face a lay-off if they continue to strive hard at their careers.

All aspiring job seekers as well as working professionals will find the following tips useful in making sure they do not fall victim to downsizing strategies.

Deliver more than required

Volunteer to do extra work and take keen interest in new assignments and challenges that come your way. This is very effective in making you indispensable for your company.

Give more time to the company

Arrive early in the morning and leave later than the closing time. This will show the employers how committed you are at your work and paycheck is not the only reason why you are here.

Build a good relationship with your boss

This is tough one but has big pay-offs. Keep your boss informed of all activities and do not hesitate to ask for guidance. Also, do your boss’s homework and make him/her look good before others.

Skill development

Continue to enhance your skills and learn new techniques pertaining to your industry. Taking up short courses and attending seminars occasionally will make you a more productive employee and one that will be difficult to replace.

Build a professional network

Develop relationships with working professionals in your field to have access to all current job market trends and other useful information to make you a better worker.

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Do NOT Lie on Your Resume

Lying, or even “stretching” the truth, is not a good idea when applying for a job. Even though it has been a common practice of most job seekers to lie on their resume or during the interview just to get the job they want, there are many reasons why it must not be practiced at all.

Typical “lies”

  • Lies covering the resume gaps.
  • Lies about achievements in previous job/s.
  • Lies about reasons for quitting previous job/s.

Why lying is NOT a good idea

  • There are huge chances that you will get caught sooner or later. It has become much easier now to find out about a candidate because of the technological advancement and use of cyber space.
  • In case you get caught of lying, there is a likely chance that you will either not get the job, or get fired later on. In either case, it will not be worth it.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers like to invest more time on candidate search especially when hiring for s senior role.
  • Lying will lose your credibility. Honesty and trustworthiness are important attributes for an employee. It will not be a good idea to risk these.
  • If you have been caught lying, you might not be able to get good references from your employer.
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Top Jobs for 2011

According to a recent survey conducted by CNN, more than a dozen economists were of the view that there will be better hiring prospects in 2011 as compared to 2010. A number of promising jobs will be available in the following sectors:

Information Technology

The demand for IT Program Managers and IT Project Managers is going to be much higher this year as more explosion is witnessed in the mobile gadgets industry. There is more integration of the IT department with other departments in the organization creating more demand for professionals in this field.

Human Resources

As more companies are experiencing a comeback, there is going to be an added requirement for the HR professionals in order to deal with issues such as recruitment, interviews and compliance.


More managerial jobs are expected to be created in the fields of supply-chain, marketing and finance. There are also many promotions expected within large organizations.


There has always been a high demand for doctors and nurses but now there is going to be added need for healthcare IT specialists. The medical records are being continually electronically organized and therefore, healthcare IT professionals will be required for keeping and maintaining these records.


In this sector, there is going to be an expected increase in demand for vocational trainers, online course instructors and practical skills instructors.

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Do Not Commit the Three Basic Job Search Mistakes

Ever wonder that after immense struggle, relevant credentials and all the potential, you are still not able to get that perfect job you desire? The answer is simple: You must be committing some job search mistakes without even being aware of it. These mistakes are not just committed by entry level candidates but also by the very experienced workers.

Limiting the Job Search

This is one of the most common mistakes all job seekers make. They only revert to some selected companies or industries or job search channels while looking for a job. To increase chances of getting a good job, you need to widen your circle and look through all possible options. With the current job market scenario, it is even more important to apply to more than just a few jobs a month.

Having a standardized resume

This is a mistake many job seekers make and end up having their resumes trashed away by the hiring managers. As the HR managers have to go through hundreds of resumes before selecting the right candidate, only those resumes lead to the interview stage that stand out from the rest. When applying for a particular job you should make relevant changes in the resume to make it specific for the job requirements.

Not doing the homework

When a candidate gets selected for an interview, all possible questions are prepared but only few people pay attention to finding out more about the prospective employer and the company. This is a huge mistake as nearly all interviewers will question the candidates about reason why they applied for that particular job or company. It does not require much time or effort, since all basic information is available on the websites, but may have a very positive outcome.

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Make Money from Online Jobs

With the unemployment rate skyrocketing, chances are you will soon be finding yourself hard-pressed to find a job if that hasn’t happened already. Temporary jobs online has made it easier now to not just take care of your bills but actually earn a handsome amount to support all other activities. There is no need now to rely on the traditional jobs or the traditional methods to find jobs. These are not really get-rich-quick options and require considerable time and effort to make your worth online but so does any other offline job. You have an option of making it a part-time option with your current and can even convert it to a full-time option if need arises.

Some of the popular online jobs options can be found on the following websites:

  1. Elance – this is one of the leading online spots with thousands of people looking to hire good potential. While most jobs are rather technical such as those relating to PhP, SQL, ASP, .Net and other web development jobs, there are also options for technical and creative writers to find some high paying jobs.
  2. Guru – With over a million registered users, is a leading online marketplace for freelance talent. There are a number of options for technology jobs, creative and arts jobs, admin support, data entry and many others to choose from.
  3. Odesk – Thousands of companies post their jobs on Odesk each month. Web developers, software programmers, graphic designers, writers, customer service representatives, virtual assistants and many other jobs are available to choose the one suited to your talent.

From a few hundreds to many thousands of dollars are earned by professionals on these online job portals. The prime benefit is you can make all that money while sitting in the comfort of your own home and in many cases there is no need to learn additional skills. You can simply showcase the ones you already possess.

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How to Resign From Your Job Gracefully

Resignations are difficult. It is something that needs tactful handling even if you hate your job and are eagerly waiting for a new venture. You might never want to see your boss or a colleague in your life but it is still not a good idea to burn bridges. You never know when you might end up seeking their help for references. Resignations, therefore, are to be handled carefully just like any other business endeavor.

The first thing to do is to make sure you are making the right decision. Weigh all pros and cons of resigning and then make a decision you will not regret in future. Once you have made your decision, the first person to inform is your boss. Do not wait for the news to reach him/her through the grapevine. Give at least two weeks’ notice or whatever is required according to the contract of employment.

After offering the resignation letter, there might be a chance that you will be called for a leaving interview. Be very brief in that discussion. There is no need to bad moth the employer or the company. Say your goodbyes on cordial terms. Relate to the good working experience you have had with the company and offer your gratitude for making it a good learning experience. You may ask for a reference letter at this point that you can use later for your job search. Lastly, spend the last days in the same manner as before. Complete all pending tasks and make preparations for the new recruit.

With so much social networking and uncertain work environment, it is quite possible that you or your past colleagues need each other’s help in the job search process. When resigning from a current job, make sure you are still able to move on with good relations with your co-workers and handle the entire resignation process professionally and gracefully.

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How to Get More Job Security

The recession had jerked up professionals as well as companies and made even the most promising jobs less secure. Everyone seems to be more prepared for a lay-off, whether they are a part of the senior management or a production line worker. Therefore, it has become important to think of new avenues to make yourself more financially stable even if the current cannot be made more secure.

The first and the most obvious way is to invest in yourself. Get career coaching, career guidance and preferably some career development courses. Diversify and improve your skills to make yourself less prone to a lay-off.

Secondly, free up some time to brainstorm ideas for a side business. Think about your passions and interests and use them to start a fresh new venture to earn you an extra sum of money. If you are an accountant, for example, but always had a passion for pets, you could create have a website created related to pets. If things go well, this can also become your major source of earning and a full-time job.

Lastly, be more productive. Get more jobs. Let someone else mow your lawn, or vacuum your house and spend more time to focus on your job (or jobs). Look for more part-time opportunities diversify your risks.

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