About World Job Sites

WorldJobSites.com is launched to help people find information about the jobs and vacancies that arise in the various countries and help them develop a better understanding of the region before they leave their homes.

This website is a voluntary effort to help others find job and employment opportunities in countries and regions across the world. WorldJobSites.com is a unique directory resource where links to websites that carry jobs and vacancies in all popular areas are provided. With time, additional resources will be added to help you learn more about each region.

Types of Websites Listed
Job and Career websites
Recruitment agencies, consultants, Staffing companies and Manpower suppliers
Newspaper websites
Actual company websites who post their vacancies on their own websites
Informational websites that can help in better understanding of the region
Travel guides
Real estate
Weather information
Maps and locations
Job Hunting tips and guidance
Resume writing services

Happy Job Hunting!

WJS Editor

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