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This website is for you and your friends. I am constantly looking for volunteers who can help in finding more websites to include in the database here. In your job search, if you find any websites that are not listed here, would be please remember to suggest that site for inclusion here?

While every effort will be made to provide links to quality websites and provide timely and reliable information, however, does not make any representation or take any responsibility towards the quality, authenticity or reliability of the websites linked to or the companies that they represent. We do not take any responsibility and can not be held liable for any losses that may arise as a result of dealing with the websites linked to or discussed in any of the pages on this domain. If you need any further clarification, please contact me.

Most Importantly…
Like anywhere else in the world, all visitors are further advised to exercise their own caution and common sense in dealing with companies, organizations and websites that may be linked or discussed here and take decisions entirely on their own responsibility.

I wish everyone visiting this website all the very best in their endeavors and hope you do find your dream career! If you find anything on this website particularly useful, or useless, please do drop me a line. And, I would love to read your success stories too.

Good Luck!

WJS Editor

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