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Site Content Copyright consists of content from the following sources:
  1. Content contributed by site visitors: Typically would include website links submitted through the URL submission forms of, or the comments posted by the site visitors through the comment submission forms.
  2. Content contributed by WorldJobSites Volunteers: This would include website links that they found relevant for the site visitors, job hunting guides contributed by them, country / region / company profiles contributed by them, or any other write ups they may have contributed.
  3. Content contributed by WorldJobSites Editorial team: This can include the above, as well as any additional narratives, audio or video content that can help the site visitors in using the more effectively, or in improving their job hunting, or recruitment efforts.
  4. Content from Other Websites: To improve the user experience, and to provide relevant content at one place, we occasionally obtain content from other websites that specifically allow content to be published on other websites. Our most common sources are and Wikipedia. specifically recognizes and respects the copyright of the content that is not its original content.

Furthermore, if you find any content on that violates your content copyright policy and you would like us to know and remove it from our website, please file the Copyright Violation Request and we will be happy to oblige.

To file the Copyright Violation Request, please do the following:
  1. Collect the following details so that we can pinpoint the content you found in violation of your copyright.
  2. Direct URL of the page on
  3. Title of page
  4. Copy of the content on that violates the copyright.
  5. Direct URL of the page on your website where the content can be found.
  6. Any necessary login details if the content on your website can not be accessed without login.
  7. Your contact details.
  8. Your relation with the original content.
  9. Please email us the above.
We will look into it and respond to you in reasonable time.

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