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Help build is a community effort. Everyone can help build this portal.
    How can you help?

  1. We surf the web to look for websites that can be useful for the job seekers. You can help us in searching for sites to add here, and submit them for inclusion.
  2. All entries in our website are moderated by humans to check their suitability for inclusion. Can you spare some time to help us in evaluating the submissions?
  3. Our new Job Bookmarks section contains links to actual job postings around the web. We need help in building and moderating this community driven section.
  4. We need help in spreading the word to the job seekers. You can help thru blogs, social networking websites as well as mailing lists and discussion groups.
  5. We have designed Posters and pass-it-ons that you can print, photocopy and distribute at your clubs, your educational institutions, place of worship, place of work, during travelling, at the notice board in your favorite supermarkets, near the ATM machines, virutally everywhere there are people.
  6. Due to its popularity and entries coming from various sources, sometimes there are more than one entry for the same jobsite in the same category. Help locate and remove duplicate / multiple entries of the same website in the SAME category.
  7. Are you good at writing? We need volunteers to maintain various content pages, including this Help page so that they are more easier for everyone to understand.

... talking in more detail

Thank you for responding to our call for volunteers. It is indeed such a pleasure to see that WJS is not alone, and there are good friends out there willing to donate their most precious possession: Their time and intellectual efforts. I thank you again.
    We need volunteers for a variety of tasks. This includes:

  1. Scouring the web to find new websites that should be included in our database.
    Websites that would be of help to our visitors, the job seekers and the employers / recruiters. Broadly speaking this would include Job Sites, Websites of Recruitment Consultants, Media and News sites that would be relevant here, and of course, the job pages of company websites.
  2. Recommending company websites from where you live.
    Local knowledge is always a big advantage. You know who are the big players in the market. You can also tell when a website is stretching the truth about the scale of their business, etc. And, at the same time, websites of some very large conglomerates present a very humble and inappropriate impression of their scale. So if you just concentrate on recommending organizational websites of your country or province, even that would be of great value.
  3. How to find jobs where you live.
    Again local knowledge is gold. How to hunt for a job varies from place to place. What may work in one place may not be as effective elsewhere. We need articles on how to hunt for a job focusing on specific locations. So why not write about where you are living these days.
  4. Verifying that the existing entries are still valid.
    Web is a dynamic place. Websites keep changing all the time. Therefore, we need to weed out dead links and ensure that we have correct URLs in our database so that job seekers continue to find value in our work and easily find jobs that suit them.
  5. Search for Guide notes related to job hunting and recruiting on the internet.
    There is loads of guidance, and thousands of experts out there. But some experts are more than expert. And their articles and guidance would be of immense value to our readers. For many job seekers, it is indeed still a mystery how to go about using the internet.
  6. Bring jobs openings in our database.
    We do not charge anything for publishing vacancies in our Job Openings database. So more the better. We need volunteers who can copy job openings from other sources, include them in our database and provide a link to those sources so that the job seeker gets linked to the right source for applying.
  7. Spread the word about our vacancies, and about WJS.
    There are other websites where jobs can be posted free. We need volunteers to copy the vacancies originally posted in our database to such websites so that our efforts should reach more job seekers.
  8. Promoting WJS among students and alumni communities through orkut, hi5 and other similar networks and platforms

Its an endless task that has kept me occupied, motivated and very satisfied since 2001. I am sure you will enjoy doing this just as much as I have. Probably even more! Because frankly with several billion people looking for jobs around the world, our work can never be over.

Raza Jaffri
Founder, WorldJobSites

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