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Immigration Consultants for United kingdom, UK, Visa, Citizenship - Directory of jobs, careers and employment opportunities.

Immigration consultants, lawyers and legal advisors providing services and guidance related to obtaining British visas and migrating to the United Kingdom. Also, websites covering the law and guidance on moving and working in the UK.

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1. Adagio Consulting

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2. Advisa Solicitors

Dedicated Immigration Lawyers advising on all aspects of UK immigration law. Simple, accurate advice and cost certainty are our priorities.

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3. Asylum Support Information

Thinking about asylum? Go through this website first.

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4. Benmar Passport and Visa Services Ltd

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5. - Immigration to the United Kingdom

Information, guidance and advice on all matters related to migrating to the United Kingdom.

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6. Commonwealth Immigration

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7. Community Legal Service Direct, U.K.

The aim of the Community Legal Service is to ensure that people can get information and advice about their legal rights and help with enforcing them. Bringing together legal aid solicitors, Citizens' Advice Bureaux, Law Centres, local authority services and other organisations in local networks, the Community Legal Service is an important part of the Government's fight against social exclusion. Need information about a legal problem? Want to know who and where your local adviser is? Does it cost anything and can you get financial help? If so, Community Legal Service Direct can help. You can use this website to find out What is Community Legal Service Direct, How do I find a solicitor or legal adviser, What are my rights on various issues, Where else can I get information, Can I get legal aid and much more.

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8. Cooper Tuff Consultants - UK Immigration Consultancy

Cooper Tuff Immigration Consultants for advice and information on all aspects of UK Immigration, Visas, Work Permits etc.

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9. Corporate Visa Services

Corporate visa services is London (UK) based Online visa service with downloadable visa application forms, advice, visa services, embassy services.

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10. Definitive Work Permits are the experts in UK Work Permits and Visas.

UK Work Permit Visa and HSMP Consultancy representing employers and skilled overseas professionals requiring UK Work Permits. See if you qualify for the Highly Skilled Migrants Programme (HSMP)using our internet based computer points calculator for self assessment. A comprehensive service, FREE ASSESSMENT and a NO VISA NO FEE policy. Highly Skilled Migrants, Professionals and Employers needing HSMP, Visas and UK work related advice or services.

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11. DJ Webb UK Immigration Solicitors

DJ Webb Solicitors provide UK immigration, visa, residence & nationality requirements. Immigration advice & information. Specialist UK immigration law firm

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12. DJB Passports & Visas

DJB Passports and Visas. The simplest way to apply for a travel visa. Printable application forms are provided on this site. Applying for a visa has never been easier.

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13. Embassies in London

Embassies in London, UK, Visa forms, visa information & more - american embassy, australian embassy, canadian embassy, chinese embassy, cuban embassy, egyptian embassy, french embassy, german embassy, ghana embassy, greek embassy, hungarian embassy, indian embassy, italian embassy, kenyan embassy, polish embassy, portugal embassy, russian embassy, Spanish embassy

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14. Emigration services worldwide from Visaplus

Moving overseas? International migration specialists VisaPlus can help with immigration laws, green card, work permit and all relocation issues.

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15. Exegesis - UK Work Permits and Immigration

Guide to UK work permits for employers and information for individuals

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16. Ferman Law - US Immigration

Ferman Law - US Immigration

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17. Gherson & Co: UK Immigration Solicitors

Description Providing Legal services related to UK immigration, visa and work permit applications as well as immigration matters for european union countries.

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18. Global Visas Immigration Advisory Service and Visa Services

Provides immigration advisory services, visa services and work permit solutions for individuals and professional organisations needing advice on immigration for Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Find immigration advice from one of Britains largest immigration teams, Global Visas the UK's Premier Immigration consultancy

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19. Gulbenkian Harris Andonian

UK immigration specialist solicitors - we aim to deliver completent, clear and efficient advice.

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20. Highly Skilled Migrant Programme for Immigration to UK � HSMP Services can help

HSMP Services can help you in Immigration to the UK (United Kingdom) under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme if you have University Degree or Post Graduation, Work Experience and Skills required by the British Economy and Markets. HSMP Services was promoted to help applicants for HSMP visa right from the moment you decide to apply till you come to the UK and find a

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